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Updated: Nov 13, 2020

An 8 hour Workshop includes material needed to guide students


This workshop mitigates the risk of being caught in a disaster or crisis. Students will learn how to react and respond effectively to an Office Block Fire, a Medical incident, an Earthquake or even to a Terrorist incident.

Utilities to Bring along Your Daily Life

The Workshop also includes what to carry at all times in your wallet, handbag briefcase, backpack, vehicle or a Baby Bag (something that is always overlooked). How to utilize your handphone as a tool, as well as many simple ideas that the Trainer used during actual events or disasters.


In the case of an earthquake please stay under sturdy tables or between the door hinge. Familiar yourself to evacuation points.

This Workshop Includes:

  1. 8 Hour Workshop

  2. Materials to guide members

  3. A certificate of training will be issued

  4. A workshop photograph

  5. A course feedback on each individual member

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