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An 8 Hour Workshop includes materials needed to guide students. Join us as a member for more information!

Overview of the Workshop

Students will learn about 'Elements of the Speech Communication Process'.

  • Speaker - Person who initiates the communication process.

  • Message - Whatever a speaker communicates to someone else.

  • Channel - The means by which the message is communicated.

  • Listener - The person who receives the communicated message.

  • Feedback - The response of the Listener.

  • Interference - A member(s) of the audience not attentive and are distractive.

  • Situation - The Speaker must be resilient and flexible to the audience they are speaking to.

This Includes:

  1. 8 Hour Workshop and Overnight Packages / 2D 1N

  2. Materials to guide members

  3. A certificate of training will be issued valid indefinitely

  4. A workshop photograph

  5. A course feedback on each individual member

If this sounds like something you want to learn and implement into your life, then join us!

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